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Jackal biography

There are six artists with the name Jackal : 1.
A Canadian psychedelic rock band active in the early 1970s, releasing the album Awake in 1973. 2.
L.A-based Trap/Bass producer.
A Japanese heavy/speed metal group. 4.
A dutch metal band from amsterdam. 5.
A Danish heavy metal band formed in 1987.
They released three albums before splitting up in 1999. In 2009 they are back with a new album called “IV” which is set to release on May 22nd via Pure Steel Records Read more on Last.fm

Style: Heavy metal, Trap, Power metal, Traditional Metal, Electronic

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Jackal similar artists

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Jackal discography

Title TrackRank
Jackal - A New Day Has Arisen
Jackal - Agent Provocateur-Red Tape
Jackal - Animal Style
Jackal - Anonymous (feat. Mister Blonde)
Jackal - At the Station
Jackal - Awake
Jackal - BUMPIN'
Jackal - Blow
Jackal - Blow (Original Mix)
Jackal - Bounce
Jackal - Bubblegum
Jackal - Bubblegum (feat. CRNKN)
Jackal - Caramel
Jackal - Caramel (Jesse Slayter Remix)
Jackal - Caramel (Original Mix)
Jackal - Carbomb
Jackal - Chinchilla
Jackal - Dizzy (feat. Denny White)
Jackal - For You
Jackal - Hit Em Up
Jackal - Hit em Up - Original Mix
Jackal - I'm Lying
Jackal - Ice (feat. Karra)
Jackal - In the Heavens
Jackal - Into The Night
Jackal - Jamba
Jackal - London Sound
Jackal - Lost in the World
Jackal - Lunatic Calm-Leave you far beh
Jackal - Machine
Jackal - Machine (original mix)
Jackal - Machine - Original Mix
Jackal - Netflix N Kill
Jackal - Power Move
Jackal - Shakedown
Jackal - Shakedown (LOUDPVCK Remix)
Jackal - Sunny Side of the Day
Jackal - Trick
Jackal - Trick - Original Mix
Jackal - Vague Visions

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